Cycling Lingo A to Z

What’s the hardest thing about riding a bike? Talking about it! If you can’t tell a sprocket from a Schrader or refer to every random bike part as a whatchamacallit, then it’s time for a quick lesson in cycling lingo. Enjoy! The Ultimate A to Z Guide to Cycling Lingo aero – Short for aerodynamic, the adjective is used to…

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Light & Motion bike lights now available at Bike Sport

Be visible! Light & Motion bike lights from BikeSport…

See and be seen with some of the best bike lights, now available at Bike Sport With winter approaching more cyclists will be riding in low light or dark conditions. Many bike lights do not have the power and reach to alert motorists to cyclists presence or to provide sufficient properly directed light to see hazards.   Light and Motion are…

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Dress to Ride Comfortably in the cold

Dress to Ride Comfortably at 55 Degrees

Too cold to ride?  No Way! HERE’S HOW… Dress to Ride Comfortably at 55 Degrees.  By: Mike Tomlinson, BikeSport Bicycles Forecast temperature for tonight’s ride was 55 degrees. Too cold to ride? No way! I ride COMFORTABLY at this temperature by dressing for it. For those of you who don’t ride when the thermometer dips, think about it like snow skiing. We…

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Paceline Types, Safety Practices and Paceline Etiquette

Cycling Paceline Etiquette Pacelines are a great way to ride efficiently within a group of cyclists. Unfortunately, many cyclists do not know or understand the [unwritten] rules of riding in a paceline – speed, where to ride, signaling and distance to name a few. For most cyclists, a group ride is a fairly informal event – show up to a…

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How much to drink in HOT weather

It’s HOT outside – How much do I need to drink?

Some Guidelines for how much you need to drink while riding in Hot Weather Recreational Rides of One Hour or Less Drink 8 to 10 oz of water before your ride. During the ride drink 8 oz or water per half hour of riding. Drink 8 to 10 oz of water after the ride. Vigorous Rides longer than One Hour…

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Hydration tips when riding in the heat

Tips for Hydration when Riding in Hot Weather

Bike Riding in the Heat Consuming the right amount of water and electrolytes is one of the keys to healthy comfortable riding during hot weather. How much water should I drink when riding my bike? Follow these tips to stay hydrated: Drink fluids before, during and after your rides. Before, so you start properly hydrated. During, so you replace some of…

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winter bike

Cycling Winter Gear Chart for Dummies

Yes, even in Florida, it can get cold! OK, so if you’re not from Florida, this may seem a little silly, but truth be told, with wind chill figured in, and when your moving along on your bike… sometimes quite quickly, you’ve got to dress properly to stay warm (or not too warm), for best efficiency on the bike!  So,…

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