Be visible! Light & Motion bike lights from BikeSport…

See and be seen with some of the best bike lights, now available at Bike Sport

Light & Motion bike light - one of the best, now available at Bike SportLight & Motion bike light - 360 degree visibility, now available at Bike SportWith winter approaching more cyclists will be riding in low light or dark conditions.

Many bike lights do not have the power and reach to alert motorists to cyclists presence or to provide sufficient properly directed light to see hazards.


Light and Motion are some of the best bike lights available for these reasons:

  • See better and be seen sooner due to best product designs.Light & Motion bike lights, now available at Bike Sport
  • Be seen from all directions with these bike lights.
  • Amber side lights provide 360 degree visibility.
  • Best product testing: First company to adopt the FL-1 standard including light output (lumens) runtime, impact (drop) resistance and water ingress.
  • 100% in house design and manufacturing in the USA.
  • Light and Motion Enhanced Experience Guarantee: Light and Motion will replace, repair or upgrade it for the life of the product.