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We are a dealer for these brands, but we service ALL mechanical bikes! Plus, we service all electric bicycle brands that we sell.

 Some Bike FAQs

1) How do I know what bike is right for me?
Matching your needs and the right bike is our specialty. There are a lot of factors that to into to choosing the right bike for you. For example:

  • How much are you going to ride?
  • Where do you plan on riding?
  • What are you goals if any?
  • Is comfort or performance more important to you?
  • There are many other things to consider.

The best way to get the right bike for you is to work with experienced bicycle professionals like the staff at BikeSport. We love cycling and want to help each customer select the bike that is best for them. There is never any pressure and you are welcome to test ride any bicycle. Come to BikeSport and let us help.

2) Should I fix up the bike I have now or buy a new bike?
Here are three key questions you ask yourself that should give you the answer:

  1. If your current bike was fixed would it still meet your needs?
  2. Have you changed where, when, how or how much you ride?
  3. Does the cost of fixing your current bike make sense vs. the cost of a new bike?

3) Does BikeSport only work with “high end” cyclists?
Definitely not! BikeSport is “Your friendly neighborhood bicycle shop”. We are creating a place where ALL bicycle riders feel welcome and get help enjoying their bicycles.

4) Does BikeSport work on my type of bike?
The mechanics at BikeSport are experienced in working on all types of bikes including yours.

5) How long does it take to get my bike serviced?
We normally service bikes in 48 hours or less on a first come – first service basis – depending on the complexity and needs. By appointment we normally provide same day or 24 hours service depending on the drop off time. If you need your bike back quickly we are happy to accommodate your needs, just make an appointment.

Check out our Services page, and please, just ask!

6) How much air do I need in my tires?
The type of bike, your weight and the riding conditions are considerations in proper tire inflation. Stop by and will be happy to make a recommendation.