Paceline Types, Safety Practices and Paceline Etiquette

Cycling Paceline Etiquette Pacelines are a great way to ride efficiently within a group of cyclists. Unfortunately, many cyclists do not know or understand the [unwritten] rules of riding in a paceline – speed, where to ride, signaling and distance to name a few. For most cyclists, a group ride is a fairly informal event – show up to a…

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DIY Get Your Bike Ready Checklist [FREE DOWNLOAD]

7 Tip Checklist from BikeSport – good for anytime! Wash off dust and grime that accumulates over time with low water pressure from a hose. (High-pressure sprayers can force water where it shouldn’t go) Check the shifting and braking during test ride. Shifting should be smooth; Chain noise should be minimal. Braking should be reliable, smooth and quiet. Inspect brake…

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How to fix a flat tire - Video by BikeSport

How to Fix a Flat Tire [Video]

Never changed a flat on your bike or need a refresher course? Well, here is our “how-to” video on how to fix a flat tire. CLICK VIDEO TO PLAY. Feel free to share!   If there is a particular how-to you’d like to see, send us a note and we will consider it. We hope to do more, and would…

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Endurance Riding and the Best Drink

What is the Best Drink to keep you Going Strong for Endurance Riding? Drinks that contain both glucose and fructose sugars will help you race faster in competitions lasting more than a couple hours. Drinks that contain only maltodextrin, (made from starches extracted from rice, corn, potato and whole grains) are not as effective for racing because maltodextrin contains just the…

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Ride the hills with BikeSport

Ride the Hills with BikeSport

Join us in San Antonio, FL! RIDE THE HILLS – Come join us for our NO DROP RIDES, moderately paced, in the one of the most scenic, and most popular cycling areas of  Central Florida, and one of the few areas that has HILLS, and some pretty good ones, too!  So, let’s get together and have a fun ride in…

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Light & Motion bike lights now available at Bike Sport

Be visible! Light & Motion bike lights from BikeSport…

See and be seen with some of the best bike lights, now available at Bike Sport With winter approaching more cyclists will be riding in low light or dark conditions. Many bike lights do not have the power and reach to alert motorists to cyclists presence or to provide sufficient properly directed light to see hazards.   Light and Motion are…

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Secrets to BEST Tire Pressure

Learn the Secrets to BEST Tire Pressure

Optimizing Your Tire Pressure for Your Weight This is the best article we have found suggesting proper tire inflation for a bicycle and the reasons behind it. While this article was published in 2006, many other studies have been published in the meantime by Continental Tires and others, validating this information. Most recently, Lennard Zinn, renown bicycle mechanic, published a…

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Bicycle gear and pedal

Local Riding Scene

Local Riding Groups, Teams, and Trails There are many places to ride and include the local trail system and participating in groups and clubs. What could be better than riding with friends?  That is typically, the best way to learn new skills and of course, the camaraderie always enhances your riding. Here is the short list of local riding clubs….

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Types of Valves: Presta and Schrader

What Type of Inner Tube Do I Need?

Most Common Types of Inner Tubes: Schrader and Presta There are two common types of valve stems on bicycles, the Schrader (“American” type) and the Presta (“French” type). The Schrader or American-type valve is common on cars and motorcycles. It is also found on many bicycles. The valve stem is approximately 8mm (5/16?) in diameter and has an internal spring…

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Correct Stem Size for YOU - BikeSport

Is there a Best Stem Length?

What is the best stem length for you? Does stem length affect a bike’s steering and handling? This article by Matt Wikstrom does a great job of explaining how stem length impacts bike handling.  Article excerpts below. Visit the site for the full article. Need help with bike stem length and fitting? Visit us at BikeSport. We will help make the…

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