Dress to Ride Comfortably in the cold

Dress to Ride Comfortably at 55 Degrees

Too cold to ride?  No Way! HERE’S HOW… Dress to Ride Comfortably at 55 Degrees.  By: Mike Tomlinson, BikeSport Bicycles Forecast temperature for tonight’s ride was 55 degrees. Too cold to ride? No way! I ride COMFORTABLY at this temperature by dressing for it. For those of you who don’t ride when the thermometer dips, think about it like snow skiing. We…

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Types of Valves: Presta and Schrader

What Type of Inner Tube Do I Need?

Most Common Types of Inner Tubes: Schrader and Presta There are two common types of valve stems on bicycles, the Schrader (“American” type) and the Presta (“French” type). The Schrader or American-type valve is common on cars and motorcycles. It is also found on many bicycles. The valve stem is approximately 8mm (5/16?) in diameter and has an internal spring…

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Correct Stem Size for YOU - BikeSport

Is there a Best Stem Length?

What is the best stem length for you? Does stem length affect a bike’s steering and handling? This article by Matt Wikstrom does a great job of explaining how stem length impacts bike handling.  Article excerpts below. Visit the site for the full article. Need help with bike stem length and fitting? Visit us at BikeSport. We will help make the…

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Clinics and Ride Training at BikeSport

BikeSport Clinics and Training [video]

Free Structured “On-the-Bike” workouts at BikeSport, every Tuesday and Thursday evening We ride from BikeSport at 6 pm and ride back to BikeSport after the workout. Depending on workout, we train in East Lake Woodlands or on Lafayette Blvd. in Oldsmar. The workouts vary in length from one hour to an hour and a half.  Each workout has a specific purpose….

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