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Cycling Winter Gear Chart for Dummies

Yes, even in Florida, it can get cold! OK, so if you’re not from Florida, this may seem a little silly, but truth be told, with wind chill figured in, and when your moving along on your bike… sometimes quite quickly, you’ve got to dress properly to stay warm (or not too warm), for best efficiency on the bike!  So,…

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Bicycle gear and pedal

Local Riding Scene

Local Riding Groups, Teams, and Trails There are many places to ride and include the local trail system and participating in groups and clubs. What could be better than riding with friends?  That is typically, the best way to learn new skills and of course, the camaraderie always enhances your riding. Here is the short list of local riding clubs….

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Types of Valves: Presta and Schrader

What Type of Inner Tube Do I Need?

Most Common Types of Inner Tubes: Schrader and Presta There are two common types of valve stems on bicycles, the Schrader (“American” type) and the Presta (“French” type). The Schrader or American-type valve is common on cars and motorcycles. It is also found on many bicycles. The valve stem is approximately 8mm (5/16?) in diameter and has an internal spring…

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Correct Stem Size for YOU - BikeSport

Is there a Best Stem Length?

What is the best stem length for you? Does stem length affect a bike’s steering and handling? This article by Matt Wikstrom does a great job of explaining how stem length impacts bike handling.  Article excerpts below. Visit the site for the full article. Need help with bike stem length and fitting? Visit us at BikeSport. We will help make the…

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Clinics and Ride Training at BikeSport

BikeSport Clinics and Training [video]

Free Structured “On-the-Bike” workouts at BikeSport, every Tuesday and Thursday evening We ride from BikeSport at 6 pm and ride back to BikeSport after the workout. Depending on workout, we train in East Lake Woodlands or on Lafayette Blvd. in Oldsmar. The workouts vary in length from one hour to an hour and a half.  Each workout has a specific purpose….

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USAPC Stages 3 & 4 Predictable?

Stages 3-4 – Crazy Crowd at Independence Pass – Surprise in Aspen… Mike Tomlinson, of BikeSport, witnessed these exciting stages at the USA Pro Challenge.  We set up to watch the Stage 3 yesterday at the top on Independence Pass. The race seemed very likely to follow a predicable script so we decided to go have fun with the fans….

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USA Pro Challenge Stage 2 PODIUM

BMC Keeps Yellow – USA Pro Challenge

Stage 2 – BMC Keeps Yellow, Nate Brown Makes it a Race… Mike Tomlinson, of BikeSport, witnessed these exciting Stage Two results at the USA Pro Challenge.  Brown, Garmin Cannondale, (pictured) started up the five mile climb to the USAPC Stage 2 summit finish at Arapahoe Basin with a two minute lead on a 40 rider peloton. The bunch was down to…

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Taylor Phinney – From Adversity to Win!

Seeing it live and up front at the USA Pro Challenge… Mike Tomlinson, of BikeSport, witnessed (and wrote about) these exciting Stage One results at the USA Pro Challenge. Taylor Phinney made a diesel sprint up the right hand side from a few hundred yards out, piping Kielrijnen to win Stage One of the USA Pro Challenge. A huge crowd…

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Win $1,000 for your Bike Community

Share your greatest bike story for a chance to win $1,000 for your bike community via Saris Cycle Racks

BikeSport Riders Tanya and Rose at Gran Fondo

BikeSport sends Congratulations to…

Congratulations to our local riders and friends – winners in a variety of local events or in support of the sport of cycling. BikeSport supports you!